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Off-Track Thoroughbreds For Mental Health

Off-Track Thoroughbreds Saving Lives

Abijah’s on the Backside is a partnership between Abijah’s Hope & Racetracks around the U.S., addressing the mental health crises of racetrack stable workers, the military, first responders, and the surrounding public while providing purposeful retirement for off-track thoroughbreds utilizing mental health equine-experiential programs.

Thoroughbreds are so much more than crossing the
finish line first.

They have the power to heal hearts and transform lives.

Backside workers are in need of holistic support to navigate mental health challenges such as addiction, depression & anxiety.

Abijah’s on the Backside
is the bridge.

Abijah’s on the Backside also welcomes the general public for sessions. Watch below to learn more about our work.

Support a movement that is ethically responsible, innovative and delivers life-changing outcomes for the lives of all involved in racing.

Why off-track thoroughbreds for mental health?

Sometimes we feel resistant to getting help. It feels out of reach.
We wonder if it will really fix the problem.

Off-Track Thoroughbreds bridge that gap and bring healing alongside mental health professionals.


To evade predators, horses have evolved to be extremely sensitive to their environment. They draw on their experience similar to how humans do.


Horses help us identify our feelings, and have a special ability to help people work through emotional and behavioral barriers.


As social animals, horses make excellent partners in the Abijah Method because they require engagement to build trust with people.

Abijah’s – Sparking hope and healing on the backside.

Be a pioneer in the future of racing by joining the movement.

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Leading the horse racing industry to a more sustainable future.
Elevating the horses & humans who power our favorite sport (fans included).

Sally Mixon


Dani Palmer

VP of Development

Mark Irving

Strategic Partnership Director

Redefining Racing: where the welfare of human and horse is priority.
Be a part of this racing revolution.

Abijah’s Hope will be at every major track in the world bringing its revolutionary plan to connect the horses and the people to save lives.

Devalued and diminished because of their value – their money value. That is why this problem can’t be solved the way it was created. We must go at it in a way that brings in more people, more who can help tip the scale of no options, and solve the problems. It’s a win-win-win. Team camaraderie – when we are in it together, we all win.

During the Great Depression, racing represented not only winning a race but winning in life. And that is what Abijah’s does – giving hope to the hopeless – both horse and human. Because we have a way that offers more value in the racing world beyond racing based on compassion. Abijah’s mission positively impacts the Welfare of Racing (human and horse) and the lives of ALL involved.

Healing people by giving these horses a lifelong career after racing retirement.

Abijah’s On The Backside
Where the value of a racehorse is redefined.

Saving Lives, One Session At A Time.

What Others Are Saying…

“This experience allowed me to think of the big picture outside the box. It forced me to look more deeply into my body language and how incongruent my feelings are. Now I understand how I can communicate to my team more clearly. “ – Christine D.

“The horses, (and facilitators), were a part of the miracle in my life. My life has been transformed. I’m so grateful.” – Joe B

“Just wanted to write a note to thank you for offering your Acres for Business Professional Residency Program. It was just what I needed to feel ready to plunge forth into our own equine therapy program.” – Dawn S.

“I loved this program. I felt at peace when I was in the pasture. I went home feeling renewed.” – Laurie N.

“To hear my inner voice, become more clear on my path and priorities, and work out things that were not only holding me back has been priceless. Now I’m able to serve my team in a better way.” – Megan M.

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