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I’m a dreamer and being the daughter of a marine, I was/am a doer. I find freedom when pursuing the impossible and re-imagining the world. I remember first seeing a horse and being in awe of their size, their strength, their power, their breath, and yet they had a desire to get to know me. It reminded me of how I envisioned God. And, like faith, what lights me up is doing what others say can’t be done. I get fired up when I think of the track, the speed, the power, and how it brings people together. The track represents a moment in time when ALL breaking from that gate and ALL who are watching believe they matter enough to win the race…their race. What if we always lived in that truth? That we matter! Even at our lowest, WE ARE PRICELESS.

Abijah is Hebrew. It means “The Lord is my Father.” It is also the name I gave my first horse. It’s why Abijah’s exists; To bring His hope to others through the power of His amazing creation.

~ Sally Mixon, Founder

Thoroughbreds are so much more than crossing the
finish line first.
They have the power to heal hearts and transform lives.
Backside workers are in need of holistic support to navigate mental health challenges such as addiction, depression & anxiety.
Abijah’s on the Backside
is the bridge.
Abijah’s on the Backside also welcomes the general public for sessions. Watch below to learn more about our work.
Support a movement that is ethically responsible, innovative and delivers life-changing outcomes for the lives of all involved in racing.
Abijah’s – Sparking hope and healing on the backside.
Be a pioneer in the future of racing by joining the movement.
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